Companies should innovate. Innovation is not limited to creative ideas, it only completes when it translates into value for people and profit for the company. The process of turning ideas into something marketable must be seen as an integrated flow.

3 times Mission and Vision 

Execution: Take a plan and put wheels on it.


FinancesChoose CRM Software Completed
EducationCreate a LabCompleted
Home AppliancesLead generation 300 daily Completed
CommunicationsLead generation 500 dailyCompleted
InsuranceEvaluation model of a new product launch strategyFailed
TelecomStrategic review of B2B growth opportunitiesCompleted
Education Strategic partnershipCompleted
TelecomLead generation within companies databaseCompleted
Education Design and implementation of new pricing modelFailed
Properties managementBusiness Director replace to someone elseFailed
Health plansCreative campaignFailed
Marketing AgencyGenerate 300 leads daily via afiliation programsCompleted
Telecom, finances, insuranceMethod to track sales for call center operations
AccessoriesStrategic planning and execution to global brandingIn progress
AccessoriesMarketing plan (Brazilian markets) and E-commerce development Completed
Call center operationsStrategy to generate 1000 leads per day and strategic partnershipsCompleted
Education Scholarship Comparison site - Product developmentCompleted
Home Decor New concept and Marketing Completed
New way of Shopping - Diverses New Product - OwnerExecution


more About 3 times